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   Wars of the Roses Library

On numerous occasions, I have been asked to list the Wars of the Roses books that I own, so here they are! I have only listed the non-fiction books and organised them by author name.

I will do my best to add to the list as new additions take their place on my shelves.
I hope this is useful!


Allanic, J. Le Prisonnier de la Tour d’Elven ou La Jeunesse du Roy Henri VII d’Angleterre  (Tous Droits de Traduction & Reproduction Reserves 1909)

Ashdown-Hill, J., Richard III’s Beloved Cousin, John Howard and The House of York (The History Press 2009)
Ashdown-Hill, J., The Third Plantagenet, George Duke of Clarence, Richard III’s Brother (The History Press 2014)
Baldwin, D., Richard III (Amberley Publishing 2013)

Baldwin, D., Stoke Field, The Last Battle of the Wars of the Roses (Pen & Sword 2006)
Baldwin, D., Jones, M., Gregory, P., The Women of the Cousins’ War, The Duchess, The Queen and The King’s Mother (Simon & Schuster 2011)

Bennett, M., Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke (Alan Sutton Publication 1987)
Boardman, A., The First Battle of St. Albans 1455 (Tempus Publishing 2006)

Castor, H., Blood & Roses (Faber and Faber 2005)
Clark, D., Barnet – 1471, Death of a Kingmaker (Pen& Sword Books 2007)
Evans, H.T., Wales and the Wars of the Roses (Stroud 1998)

Fields, B., Royal Blood (Harper Collins Publishers

Gill, L., Richard III and Buckingham’s Rebellion (Stroud 1999)

Goodchild, S. Tewkesbury, Eclipse of the House of Lancaster – 1471 (Pen & Sword Books 2005)

Griffiths, R. A., S. B. Chrimes, C. D. Ross, Fifteenth-Century England 1399-1509 (Alan Sutton Publishing1995)
Griffiths, R.A., Sir Rhys ap Thomas and his Family, A Study in the Wars of the Roses and Early Tudor Politics (University of Wales Press 1981 & 2014)
Griffiths, R.A., The Reign of Henry VI (Sutton Publishing 1998)
Griffiths, R.A. and Thomas, R.S., The making of the Tudor Dynasty (Stroud 1985)

Gristwood, S., Blood Sisters, The Hidden Lives of the Women Behind The Wars of the Roses (Harper Press 2012)


Gunn, S. Monckton, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales ( The Boydell Press 2009)  

Haigh, P.A., From Wakefield to Towton (Pen & Sword Books 2002)

Halsted, C.A., Life of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby (1839)

Hancock, P.A., Richard III and the murder in the Tower (The History Press 2011)

Higginbotham, S., The Woodvilles, The Wars of the Roses and England’s Most Infamous Family (The History Press 2013)

Hodges, G., Ludford Bridge & Mortimer’s Cross (Logaston Press 2001)

Johnson, P.A., Duke Richard of York 1411-1460 (Clarendon Press 1988)

Jones, D., The Hollow Crown, The Wars of the Roses and The Rise of the Tudors (Faber & Faber 2014)

Licence, A., Anne Neville, Richard III’s Tragic Queen (Amberley Publishing 2013)

Licence, A., Elizabeth of York (Amberley Publishing 2013)

Licence, A., Richard III, The Road to Leicester (Amberley Publishing 2014)

de Lisle L., Tudor, The Family History (Chatto & Windus 2013) 
Norton, E., Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudor Dynasty (Amberley Publishing 2011)

Penn, T., Winter King, The Dawn of Tudor England (Penguin Books 2011)

Pollard, A. J., Warwick the Kingmaker, Politics, Power and Fame (Hambledon Continuum 2007)

Pickering, A., Lancastrians to Tudors, England 1450-1509 (Cambridge University Press 2000)

Rees, D., The Son of Prophecy, Henry Tudor’s Road to Bosworth (Black Raven Press 1985 & John Jones Publishing 1997)

Ross, C., The Wars of the Roses (Thames and Hudson 1996)

Ross, J., John de Vere, Thirteenth Earl of Oxford 1442-1513, The Foremost Man of the Kingdom (The Boydell Press 2011)

Santiuste, D., Edward IV and The Wars of the Roses (Pen & Sword Books 2010)

Skidmore, C., The Birth of the Tudors (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2013)

Storey, R. L., The Reign of Henry VII (Blandford Press 1968)
Thornton T., The Channel Islands 1370-1640 (The Boydell Press 2012)

Turvey, R., Pembrokeshire, The Concise History. The Historie of Wales, vol. 3 (University of Wales Press 2007)

Weightman, C., Margaret of York, The Diabolical Duchess (Amberley Publishing 2009)

Wilkinson, J., The Princes in the Tower (Amberley Publishing 2013)

Wroe, A., Perkin, A Story of Deception (Vintage 2003)


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