Postcard of a digital painting of Pembroke Castle, done by Dmitry Yakhovsky in 2022.


Pembroke Castle was the home of Jasper Tudor as Earl of Pembroke and childhood home of Henry Tudor and his uncle of the half-blood David Owen (illegitimate son of Owen Tudor. Margaret Beaufort gave birth here to Henry and resided at the castle for some time during her widowhood between 1456 and her 2nd marriage in 1458. At the start of Edward IV's reign, the earldom of Pembroke, the castle and Henry's custody were seized from Jasper and given to the Welshman William Herbert.


Printed to the highest archival standards using inkjet printing with archival pigments on acid-free, ph-neutral thick eco-friendly mat paper.


Size: 10.5 x 14.8cm

Postcard - Pembroke Castle