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Virtual Book Tour

I am very excited to announce this week’s book tour for my book ‘Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty’.


This is the complete schedule:

Monday 1 September: The Henry Tudor Society (Article)

Tuesday 2 September: On The Tudor Trail (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Wednesday 3 September: The Anne Boleyn Files (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Thursday 4 September: History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham (Article)

Friday 5 September: The Wars of the Roses Catalogue (Giveaway)

Day 1 of my Virtual Book Tour for my book 'Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty' starts with my article 'The Extraordinary Bond Between an Uncle and his Nephew' over at the wonderful Henry Tudor Society.

Day 2 of the Book Tour for my book 'Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty': An excerpt and giveaway over at author Natalie Grueninger's brilliant website On the Tudor Trail.

Read the excerpt and enter the giveaway simply leave a comment before 9 September 2014.

Day 3 of the Book Tour:

An excerpt from 'Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty' and a Giveaway on Claire Ridgway's page The Anne Boleyn Files. To enter the giveaway simply make a comment before midnight 7 September.

Day 4 of the Book Tour for my book 'Jasper Tudor Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty': an article for 'History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham', 'The Supposed Daughters of an Earl'.

I am delighted to be hosting DAY 5, and also the final day, of my own virtual booktour for 'Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty.'

It has been an exciting and busy week and it was just wonderful to see how many people are interested in learning more about Jasper Tudor.

For your chance to win one of the two copies available of Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty you must be subscribed to The Wars of the Roses Catalogue newsletter (if you are not already, sign up on the Home page).

Then simply leave a comment that you would like to win a copy of the book below this post between now and 12 September 2014. Don’t forget to leave your name and a contact email.

The giveaway is open internationally.

Two winners will be randomly selected and contacted by email shortly after the

giveaway closes and also announced on the Wars of the Roses Catalogue Facebook page.

Good luck!

Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty is now available in colour and black & white editions on all the Amazon websites and Book Depository.

Click here for

Click here for

Click here for Book Depository


'Born in secrecy in 1431 as the son of the Welsh squire Owen Tudor and dowager Queen Katherine of Valois, Jasper Tudor was never supposed to live life at the political centre of England. But this all changed dramatically after the death of his mother, followed shortly by the arrest of his father, when he was no

older than six. After spending most of their youth inside an abbey being raised

by nuns and priests, Jasper and his older brother Edmund were suddenly called to court by their half-brother King Henry VI. Here, in 1452, they became the first

ever Welshmen elevated to the English peerage. When this happened both brothers stepped into a completely new life of political involvement with its many

attendant problems, problems that Edmund did not survive.

After this, Jasper led a life that was completely dominated by his devotion to the

Lancastrian cause and to his nephew, the only son of his death brother Edmund,

Henry Tudor. In a time when most magnates defected to the other party as soon as their own faction became submerged, Jasper remained loyal to his kinsman’s cause and supported him wherever it took him, whether scaling triumphant peaks or – more often – through deep valleys. His hopes and faith in what was right led him through several kingdoms and, as a brave and fearless man, he led the life of an adventurer throughout that most difficult period of English history, the Wars of the Roses.

Historians often claim that Jasper’s father Owen or his brother Edmund was the founder of the Tudor dynasty; certainly both men played a significant role in its origins and without them the Tudors would not have been. But Jasper’s story proves he was the key figure and godfather of the Tudor dynasty.'


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