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Henry Bourchier and Isabella Plantagenet


Henry Bourchier, Earl of Exeter, 1st Viscount and 5th Baron Bourchier died on 4 April 1483, at the age of around 78. He was the eldest son of William Bourchier and Anne of Gloucester and a maternal great-grandson of King Edward III.

Henry was a Yorkist supporter and held the post of Lord High Treasurer with intervals from 1455 until his death. He was married to the Duke of York's sister. Isabel of Cambridge (daughter of Richard, Earl of Cambridge and Anne Mortimer. Which made him an uncle of Edward IV and Richard III) Henry and Isabel had at least seven children. Henry and his wife (a year later) were initially buried in Beeleigh Abbey (Essex) and after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, they were reburied in the St. Mary's Church of Little Easton (Essex) in the Bourchier Chapel.

Images from top left to bottom right:

  1. Bourchier Chapel at St. Mary's Church in Little Easton (photo credit: jmc4-Church Explorer)

  2. Drawing of the tombstone of Henry Bourchier and Isabel Plantagenet

  3. Detail of tombstone Henry Bourchier 1st Earl of Essex (photo credit: jmc4-Church Explorer)

  4. Detail of tombstone Isabel Plantagnet (photo credit: jmc4-Church Explorer)

  5. Garter Stall Plate Henry Bourchier


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