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Author Interview with
Dmitry Yakhovsky

Dmitry Yakhovsky is the author and illustrator of his recently published debut graphic novel called 'The Shadow of the Cross: Imprisonment', published by MadeGlobal Publishing. With its beautiful artwork, the book will take you on a complex journey through the 13th century.
I am delighted to have been able to interview Dmitry and thank him for his time to answer my questions.

Could you share with us a little about the process of illustrating and writing your book?
Thank you, Debra! First of all, I start with imagining the story in my mind, seeing each scene in pictures and then I have to determine which medium fits best. When I decided to make my graphic novel I did the first two pages in digital art but then I thought that this medium did not give me that “feel” I was looking for and so I tried watercolours and it worked much better. Sometimes I did the whole page on one sheet of paper but when the page was too complex I painted panels on separate sheets and then combined them together on a computer.

What was the most difficult challenge in creating the book?
To be able to illustrate scenes, without using text.

Have you traveled much to research your book? If so, which places did you visit?
I’ve been to some historical places in my country and it actually brought me the idea of making something related to medieval history. I also met some people who had a hobby of making replicas of medieval clothing and weapons.

Who is your favourite person of the middle ages and why?
Merlin. Because he is considered to be a wizard.

What sparked your interest in this time period?
Ever since I was a kid I was fond of knights.  I often drew them and imagined their actions and the battles they fought. I also liked medieval architecture, especially gothic cathedrals.


Altair's Fight © Dmitry Yakhovsky

If you had the power to change the past and re-write anything that happened in medieval times, which event would you choose to change?
Have you read Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder? This book explains why I don’t want to change anything. If you put away something that happened in the past, you would have a completely different present time, even the most horrible things that happened before are our experience and are not worthless.
If you could ask any historical person a question, what would it be and who would you ask?
I’d rather not ask. I would just stand aside and watch, observing Leonardo da Vinci or another master creating his work.

Do you have a favourite historical place?
Any historical place related to art can be my favourite place.


Imperial Healer © Dmitry Yakhovsky

Who are your favourite artists?
William Adolphe Bouguereau, Ivan Shishkin and Isaac Levitan.

website william-adolphe-bouguereau-1825-1905-the-nut-gatherers-1882.jpg
website over-eternal-piece-isaac-levitan.jpg
website the-rain-in-the-oak-forest-ivan-shishkin_1.jpg

Over eternal peace by Isaac Levitan


William Adolphe Bouguereau 1825-1905 The nut gatherers 1882

The rain in the oak forest by Ivan Shishkin

What was the last book you read?
The Fall Of Anne Boleyn By Claire Ridgway.
What is your favourite book?
Ibn al-Farid’s The Poem Of the Sufi Way.
What three new skills would you like to learn?
Oil painting a la prima, playing the guitar, everyday positive thinking.
What do you like to do outside painting and writing?
3D modelling and crafting.
Describe for us a day in your life when you are painting?
It really is impossible for me to describe because I can’t remember the process of a painting. It’s just a constant joy running through me and in the end I see a finished picture in front of me, devastation around me, with paint all over me and I just wonder how it all happened.
What does your working space look like?
I don’t have a particular work space because I can begin drawing and painting almost everywhere, but it’s usually clean when I start and dirty when the picture is finished.


Drawing for part two of The Shadow of the Cross © Dmitry Yakhovsky

Dmitry Yakhovsky is an extremely talented artist who has been working with MadeGlobal Publishing to create some of their stunning cover artwork. He is studying for an art degree in Belarus, and has an insatiable need to draw everything he sees. His graphic novel series “The Shadow of the Cross” is stunning to look at. Through his artwork he brings situations and stories to life.

To visit Dmitry's online art gallery click HERE

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